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Rental Owners Association

Lane County

Welcome to the Rental Owners Association in Lane County

The Rental Owners Association is a member-based, non-profit organization of residential landlords and property managers in Lane County, offering education and support through monthly meetings and bulletins as well as available Oregon-specific legal forms, educational programs, peer advice and legislative advocacy.  ROA members include landlords and property managers committed to practical, legal and profitable property management practices seeking education and sharing information and solutions for successful residential property management and tenant relations.

"Unlocking the Door to Successful Property Management"

Rental Owners Association (ROA) in Lane County

Over 1,200 landlords and property managers with over 20,000 rental units in Oregon!
We've Moved!
4217 Main St., Ste. E, Springfield, OR  97478

(at the McKenzie West Shopping Center)

Landlords and/or Business Owners

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ROA 'Regular' Members are supported by Board Members that donate their time
to help educate, offer advice, promote good legal practices on how to run
a successful business, while promoting positive tenant relations.

Don't Miss ROA's March General Meeting
Thursday, March 23rd, 2023
with The Summit Cleaning & Restoration TEAM!

Learn how to prevent the high cost of liability & remediation

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and register ASAP!
Admission cost INCLUDES DINNER
Spanish-style Chicken Stew
Creamy Refried Beans & Rice

Homemade Tortillas
Pico de Gallo

Here's your link to the DRAFT of the Renters Protection Road Map:
Renter Protection Phases Chart - UPDATED

Additional Information

Education is the KEY to your SUCCESS in 2023! 

Landlords, Property Managers and Real Estate Brokers...
Check out ROA's webinar workshops!
Go to the EVENTS Page: to register for activated workshops
Beginning in March...CE Credit is available at $10 per Credit Hour,
$30/4 hour class & $50 for All Day Class

Note: Not all of the workshops below are activated to register
on our website Store. Please call the office if you are interested in any non-activated workshops at
Workshop Schedule through June 2023 

Rental Owners Association
4217 Main St Unit E
Springfield OR 97478

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