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Welcome to the Rental Owners Association in Lane County

The Rental Owners Association is a member-based, non-profit organization
of residential landlords and property managers in Lane County, offering education
and support through monthly meetings and bulletins as well as available Oregon-specific
legal forms, educational programs, peer advice and legislative advocacy.  ROA members
include landlords and property managers committed to practical, legal and profitable
property management practices seeking education and sharing information and
solutions for successful residential property management and tenant relations.

ROA Mission Statement:
"Unlocking the Door
to Successful Property Management"


The ROA office is located at:
205 W. 10th Ave. in Eugene 
Hours:  10am to 4pm, Mon-Fri

Re: Covid-19: 

The ROA office does not have enough space inside
the front office to create a six foot distance for safety. 
The front door is locked, but we are able to conduct
business through the door/mail slot.  We ask that you
please call
prior to ordering to pay for ORHA forms
over the phone by credit card.

Your forms/books can also be mailed to you
for the cost of postage, or we can have
them ready for pick-up at the front door mail slot. 
  Thank you for considering your health
and well-being - and ours.
  Be safe.

ROA News

Read: "A Proud Dad Moment"
shared by Marc Bickley, ROA Dual Member



the maximum allowable

rent incr​ease
for the 2021
calendar year is 9.2%
(7% + CPI of 2.2%)

Oregon Maximum Annual Rent Increase for 2021


House Bill 4401, a new housing law, has passed through Oregon Legislation

Penalties for mistakes made can be expensive, we recommend you consult an attorney before you take any action against your resident(s).

HB 4401 requires Housing Providers to send the Notice of Eviction Protection and the Tenant Declaration form under certain circumstances. During the new Grace Period, if a Housing provider serves a 72- or 144-hour notice for non-payment (remember these are now 10- or 13-day notices through the end of June) for current rents due, serves any notice for termination for non-payment of rent or other charges, or sends a statement of account indicating that the resident has through March 31, 2021 to pay amounts owing that accrued during the Emergency Period that ended December 31, 2020, these forms MUST be included.

If the resident provides the declaration, they are entitled to withhold payment and are not considered in default unless they fail to pay the balance by June 30, 2021.

Housing Providers are not required to send the Notice of Eviction Protection and the Tenant Declaration if they intend to allow their residents the full Grace Period through June 30, 2021.

You can see the final version of the bill here: House Bill 4401 (Dec 2020)

To read more about the House Bill 4401 (Moratorium 3.0) defined by Brian Cox Attorney, read his news article: House Bill 4401 ~ Moratorium 3.0 Explained 

Requires Housing Providers to provide impacted Residents with written notice informing them of their right to submit a declaration of financial hardship made under penalty of perjury in a form proscribed in HB 4401.  Sample Form:

Notice of Eviction Protection & Declaration of Financial Hardship

Housing Providers may find updated information on the Oregon Housing and Community Services landlord compensation fund by visiting:

You can  sign up for the ‘Landlord Compensation Fund Updates’ email list here. These emails will come from the State of Oregon, not from us.

HB 4401 - Moratorium 3.0 Explained

Notice of Eviction Protection Form
AND the Declaration of Financial Hardship document
to be handed to your tenant/s together

Please include the Notice of Eviction Protection
document to your tenants with the Declaration of Financial
Hardship for Eviction Protection form:

Notice of Eviction Protection document 12-30-2020

NEW Chief Justice Order Imposing In-person Restrictions on Court Operations during FREEZE 11-18-2020

HB 4213 Moratorium extended through 12-31-20_Exec Order 20-56

Oregon Moratorium Extended - UPDATED Residential Eviction Ban

HB 4213 FORM - Landlords Notice Regarding
Non-Payment of Rent During Emergency Period of 12-31-2020


CDC Imposes Eviction Moratorium
Through 12/31/2020
For Residential Tenants
Adversely Affected
by Covid-19 Pandemic

There’s an article explaining the new
CDC order and a form declaration for
to use.  Please open the two links below:

CDC Eviction Moratorium
Order for Oregon

Declaration By Covered Person


Tenant-Landlord Rent assistance explainer 8-4-20
SPANISH Tenant-Landlord Rent assistance explainer 8-4-20

RH Litigant Guide
RH Witness Guide
RH Public Access Guide

Please visit
for detailed information about Covid-19 in the State of Oregon

Check Lane County's website DAILY for updates on Rent Assistance and more:

Moratorium Update 2.0 on 6-28-20

Moratorium 2.0 Explained 6-28-20

Lane Co Presiding Judge Order Covid-19 6-5-2020

\Landlord and Tenant Deferral Agreement

Slicing Through the Gordian Knot of Evictions
in the COVID-19

The ROA office
is now holding in-person workshops
in September with less than 20 people in a class
at Along Came Trudy in Springfield.
A LIVE webinar of that same class will
be available for registration during that week.
Please visit the 'Upcoming Events'
section listed below for more info
on dates/times of all upcoming classes!

We appreciate your understanding and support
and the support of each other at this time of
concerning unknowns. Practice good
preventive health measures - and be well.

We are compiling a list of COVID-19 resources on our links page.

Helpful information on preventing COVID-19
from spreading to others in homes and residential
communities as well as other preventative measures
may be found at the Center For Disease Control [CDC] website:


Lane ROA Members,
93.18% of your 2019 membership

LANDLORDS, Property Managers and Brokers, Educate yourself and 'Join the Club!'
Become a Lane ROA Member today and you'll receive immediate access to the ROA HELPLINE (The number ONE reason why landlords join - ignorance can cost you!), and you'll receive law updates that concern you as a landlord, along with receiving access to the 'Members Only' section of the ROA website, which contains the latest articles on law changes, and more - and you'll automatically become a member of Oregon Rental Housing Association, the statewide organization involved in the rental housing industry who works to safeguard the economic investment of its members, promote fair and equitable relationships between landlord and tenants, promote reasonable laws and regulations, and to develop & promote higher standards.|

The MAJORITY of our membership is made up of property owners owning
one to six rental units - it only takes one to get into trouble
Know the laws - Ignorance costs.

Did you know...when you join ROA, a portion of your membership dues are sent to Salem to help the ORHA Legislative Director and the ORHA Lobbyist, Shawn Miller, fight for a fair balance in landlord/tenant laws and to promote equitable housing policies between landlords and tenants. Joining ROA means you support landlords and the need for legislative advocacy. Refer landlords you know to join ROA to strengthen our base support.

Just a few of the ROA Workshops we offer (Continuing Education Credit is Available!):

Tenant Screening                      The Move-in Process           Delivery of Notices
The Move-out Process              Section 8 & Veterans           Fair Housing
The Eviction (FED) Process     Small Claims                       Marijuana Updates
Final Accounting's                    Assistance Animals             Landlord Boot Camp
Domestic Violence                    Maintenance & Repair        Tax Strategies for Landlords
Collections Workshop               Rental Ad Writing               Mold & Remediation 
LARRC 2018-2019                   CTA 3-Way Accounting      Reasonable Accommodations     
SB 608 - Know the Law!          Trial Prep 101                     
HB 4213 & Coronavirus
Tenant Non-Compliance in the Age of Covid-19
HB 4213 - End of Emergency? What Landlord's MUST Know!
HB 4213, SB 608 & Coronaviurs: What REALTORS MUST Know!
Landlord Boot Camp - BASIC TRAINING

 Landlord's...want a 'taste'
of what Lane ROA has to offer?


Members will tell you that joining
ROA in Lane County is the best
Landlord decision you'll ever make!

REGULAR Member Application
ROA Industry Associate Application

Landlords, if you own a retail/service business
that you want to promote to other landlords/members

ROA offers a Business Membership, too!
Become a "Dual" Member
and receive 25% off the lesser membership.

Upon joining, you'll receive one FREE 1/2 page ad
in the ROA bulletin for advertising and one FREE Admission Coupon

For more details about advertising your business
to thousands of landlords, business members,
and the public, call 541-485-7368


Too busy to inspect
your properties?

Are you using current
ORHA rental agreements?

Below is a must-see video:

...and these tenants
were provided
garbage service
by their landlord!

Join the Rental Owners Association in
Lane County for education and support
and to learn how to avoid situations like this.
Call 541-485-7368 or visit


ROA Members...
Refer a new member today
(Regular or Industry Associate)
 and Receive a $10 coupon
each and every time. 
Use your coupon/s towards
your next renewal
or towards ROA bulletin advertising.

Every Landlord & Property Manager
should own the ORHA 
Forms Manual and Law Book!

The 2020 LAW Book
and 2019 Forms Manual

Lane ROA Members:
$100 per book

Non-members - $125 each

Visa, Mastercard & Discover Accepted


205 W. 10th Ave,
Eugene, OR  97401

Hours: 10am to 4pm, M-F

Oregon Rental
Housing Association info:

ORHA's website:

Need ORHA Rental Forms?

Below is a link to ORHA's website

to purchase their forms, or you can stop in to your
local ROA office to purchase blank ORHA
If you need blank forms mailed to you, please call the ROA office in Lane County at 541-485-7368.

ORHA Forms Online

NOT your ROA Member #.
The discount code is always listed
on page 34 of your ROA  Bulletin
with step-by-step instructions.

FYI...Did You Know
that it is ILLEGAL

to make copies
of BLANK ORHA forms

- or to place a BLANK pdf
copy of an ORHA form on
your website without permission? 

ORHA forms are copyrighted

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