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Rental Owners Association

Lane County

If you think education is expensive...try ignorance
Fair Housing violations begin at $16,000

LANDLORDS, Property Managers & Brokers, educate yourself and know your business!
Become a Lane ROA Member today and you'll receive immediate access to the ROA HELPLINE (The number ONE reason why landlords join, you'll receive law updates that concern you as a landlord, along with receiving access to the 'Members Only' section of the ROA website, which contains the latest articles on law changes and more, access to purchasing ORHA landlord/tenant forms - you'll automatically become a member of Oregon Rental Housing Association, the statewide organization involved in the rental housing industry who works to safeguard the economic investment of its members, promote fair and equitable relationships between landlord and tenants, promote reasonable laws and regulations, and to develop and promote higher standards.

The MAJORITY of our membership is made up of property owners owning one to six rental units
it only takes one mistake that could cost you dearly. 

Did you know...when you join ROA, a good portion of your membership dues are sent to the ORHA Legislative Director and the ORHA Lobbyist, Shawn Miller, fight for a fair balance in landlord/tenant laws and to promote equitable housing policies between landlords and tenants. Joining ROA means you support landlords and the need for legislative advocacy. Refer landlords you know to join ROA to strengthen our base support.

           Just a few of the ROA Workshops we offer (Continuing Education Credit is Available!):

                      Tenant Screening                                     The Move-in Process                          Delivery of Notices
                    The Move-out Process                             Section 8 & Veterans                          Fair Housing
                      The Eviction (FED) Process                     Small Claims                                      Marijuana Updates
                     Final Accounting's                                  Assistance Animals                            Landlord Boot Camp (Sessions 1-4)
                     Domestic Violence                                  Maintenance & Repair                       Tax Strategies for Landlords
                     Collections Workshop                             Rental Ad Writing                              Mold & Remediation 
                     LARRC                                                   CTA 3-Way Accounting                     Reasonable Accommodations     
                     SB 608 - Know the Law!                        Trial Prep 101                                    
HB 4213 & Coronavirus
                     Best Practices for Landlords                  
Tenant Non-Compliance                  HB 4213 - End of Emergency?        
                                                                                        - in the Age of Covid-19
                               - What Landlord's MUST Know!  

                       HB 4213, SB 608 & Coronavirus - What REALTORS MUST Know!    
                     HB 4401, Tenant Non-compliance & Tenancy Termination in the Age of Covid-19
                     Pandemic Property Sales
                     Legislative Update 2023
                     Eugene Rental Housing Code Regulation Changes


Our members will tell you that joining
ROA in Lane County is
the best Landlord decision
you'll ever make!

ROA dues are good for a 1-year membership with ROA in Lane County. The cost is based on the number of rentals units you own or manage. Please choose the membership level that corresponds to that number (example: A duplex = 2 units). After choosing your level, you'll have the choice to pay your annual dues online using the secured payment processing service provided, or you can call the office directly and pay with a credit card. You can also sign up online, print the online invoice and mail your check. 

ROA offers a Business Membership, too!
Become a "Dual" Member

receive 25% off your lesser membership.

Landlords, don't miss out on this business membership.  If you own a retail/service business that you want to promote to landlords/members - and on our website, this is an opportunity to promote your business to over 1200 landlords with over 20,000 rental units, not including their own homes - and many other business members! Upon joining, Industry Associates receive one FREE 1/2 page ad in the 36-page ROA bulletin, one FREE month of your company ad, rotating with other ads on ROA's website, one FREE Admission Coupon to a general meeting, discounts on advertising, and the ROA office will insert your business card/flyer into each New Member Packet (25-40 new members per month!)

For more details about advertising
your business to thousands of landlords, business members, and the public web browsers, call 541-485-7368

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