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Important News:

Senate Bill 278 and the CDC Moratorium Extension Link:
CDC - Moratorium Extended AUG21

MUST READ:  A Short Summary of Senate Bill 282:
Provided by Brian Cox, Attorney and Lane ROA Board Member
Law Offices of Brian Cox

On May 19th, Governor Kate Brown signed SB 282 passed by the House, extending the time renters have to pay back rent and other accumulated charges they’ve missed since April 2020 through June, 2021. Currently, the state’s moratorium on evictions is slated to end at the end of June, and tenants must pay all back rent by July 1, along with resuming regular monthly rental payments. Under SB 282, tenants must still keep current with new rental payments as of July 1 to avoid eviction, but they will have through February 2022 to pay any back rent and other accumulated charges still owed when the eviction moratorium ends. Termination notices for non-payment must include language that states “eviction for nonpayment of rent, charges or fees that accrued on or after April 1, 2020 and before June 30, 2021 is not allowed before February 28, 2022.”

SB 282 does more than extend the grace period for back rent. It provides that landlords cannot use evictions during the pandemic to deny a rental applicant (without regard for the reason for the eviction), cannot count against applicants amounts owing to a prior landlord that accrued during the emergency period, and prevents landlords from reporting missed rent and other charges to a credit agency. It temporarily bars landlords from enforcing rental occupancy limits that are more strict than current law to help people without housing stay with friends or loved ones. And it extends heightened penalties on landlords for retaliatory conduct through February, 2022. Of important note, SB 282 does NOT extend the moratorium on certain evictions.

Please visit for detailed information about Covid-19 in the State of Oregon

We appreciate your understanding and support and the support of each other at this time of concerning unknowns.
Practice good preventive health measures - and be well. We are compiling a list of COVID-19 resources on our links page.

Helpful information on preventing  COVID-19 from spreading to others in homes and residential communities
as well as other preventative measures may be found at the Center For Disease Control [CDC] website:


WEBINAR General Meeting
Thursday, September 23rd, 2021
Presenter: Shawn Miller, Lobbyist
President of Miller Public Affairs

Shawn Miller is President of Miller Public Affairs
in Salem and has worked the halls of the State Capitol
for over 25 years.  Miller Public Affairs is built upon
getting results in a very competitive environment. 
Shawn has represented ORHA in the State Capitol since
1994 and has influenced countless pieces of legislation.  

Course #1075 - 1 CE Credit

Live Landlord Help Session with Tia Politi:  5pm-6pm
Featured Presentation:  6pm-7pm
Prize Give-a-ways: 7:05-7:15pm

Admission: $10/member   $20/non-member

If you missed ANY of the General Meetings, view them online for FREE if you're a member.
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A Message from your ROA President

President’s Message:  September 2021

Despite my hopes that we could return to in-person meetings this month, the pandemic continues to undermine those efforts. With the Delta surge, and no ability to plan due to ever-changing rules, we will be continuing with online-only meetings and classes through the end of the year. While that bums me out, and I really can’t wait to see you all again and experience the incredible fun and energy of our meetings, I’m encouraged that even when the world shuts down, Lane ROA can continue its mission to educate.

Of the good things that have come from this terrible crisis, for me that’s been the best:  We have learned that getting together online for learning is doable. From the feedback I’ve gotten, many members want classes to stay virtual, and even folks who were resistant to online classes and meetings have had to try it out and they’re finding it’s not so bad!

Due to the pandemic’s impact on caterers, restaurants, and venues, it’s also becoming clear that when we do return to in-person classes, we will need a higher minimum number of attendees to cover our costs. We used to have a minimum of five registered attendees to hold an in-person class; now we may have to require a minimum of 10-15 to make it feasible. We’ll just have to wait and see how things shake out. In looking at our nation’s only comparable event of this nature, the Spanish flu, it was a full two years before the virus had worked its way through and out of the population, so that’s kind of what I’m expecting. It may be next April before we can meet in person again, ugh. We’re just taking it quarter by quarter at this point.

The ROA office is now open for walk-ins, but because it is a very tiny, enclosed space, the staff requests only one person come in at a time, so if you arrive to find someone else already inside being helped, please wait for that person to leave. We would also appreciate you wearing a mask when visiting. Whether or not you’ve been vaccinated, research is showing that you can still get it and spread it. Thank you for your consideration.

Be sure to register for our September General Meeting webinar!  Shawn Miller, our ORHA Lobbyist, is our featured speaker.  His presentation, “Legislative Update”, will be information that you’ll not want to miss!  

HAVE YOU REGISTERED FOR A LANE ROA WEBINAR class YET? Did you know that any person who registers for a live webinar class, automatically receive a recording link of that class once it’s taken place?  Registrants receive the link, usually the next day.  Click on the link (like you do a YouTube video link) and watch the class that you missed!  The link is valid for at approximately five days, so if you were not able to join in to participate in the live webinar that you registered for, you can watch it later when you get the chance!  Note:  CE Credit is only valid for the live webinar, NOT the recording link. 

Here’s the webinar class line-up in September that runs from 11am-1pm:  On Thursday, September 9th, I will be teaching “Legislative Update: SB 287 & SB 282: Navigating Covid-19 Law Overlays” class; then on Thursday, September 16th, my class will be “SB 291 & New Screening Requirements”; and on September 30th, I’m instructing “The Move-in Process”.  See page 5 for class details, then go to, click on the EVENTS tab and register!   Be sure to Bookmark the EVENTS page so you are up to date with all upcoming webinar classes and general meetings!

Another reason to go to the EVENTS tab: At , you’ll find that you can purchase RECORDING links of classes that you may have missed – about topics, laws & practices that you need to know NOW!  It’s easy, affordable education that you can watch in the comfort of your own home.  Put your feet up & get educated! 

Tia Politi, Lane ROA President

President’s Message: July 2021

With the limited rental inventory around the state, I’m getting calls to the Helpline about overwhelming numbers of applicants for any vacant property listing. If you have an available unit, be prepared! One caller reported 100 inquiries, another reported 60 in just the first few hours of having an ad up. Many desperate callers were willing to take the unit sight unseen, regardless of amenities, location, or price. If you are ready to advertise your unit, I recommend that you keep your time free to closely monitor your ad for the first two or three hours and be ready to pull it offline when you have enough inquiries.

You might also consider writing some sort of message in your ad that lets folks know they may or may not get a timely response from you. Something like, “Thank you for your interest in renting our property. Due to overwhelming demand, we will be responding to the first 10 (5?) inquiries only. If you do not hear back from us, it is because I already have a pool of prospective applicants. We will save your number and reach out if the unit is not rented to someone from that pool. One message is sufficient. Please do not continue to call as we will not be able to respond.”

You might also consider not advertising at all. I found my most recent renter from neighborhood social media app Next Door. She had put out an ad looking for a rental in my area and turned out to be a perfect fit. You might also look under the Housing Wanted section of Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and see if there are any likely prospects. If you are interested in targeting your advertising to a subsidized renter (Housing providers with subsidized renters have been getting paid during the pandemic!), reach out to Homes for Good, Sheltercare, St. Vincent de Paul, or Looking Glass as they may be able to match you up with a new renter. If your rental is near the hospital, you might see about posting on the hospital’s site. These are just a few ideas to help keep you from being treated like Baby Yoda at the holidays…

Lane ROA’s July Webinar Workshop line-up:
July 8th begins with “Tenant Non-Compliance, Tenancy Termination & Delivery of Notices”; on July 15th it’s a “Legislative Update” class you won’t want to miss, then on the next day, July 16th there will be a seminar on Section 8 Simplified by Homes For Good.  On July 29th, I will be teaching the “Tenant Screening” workshop. See page 5, then go to and register!  BONUS: Each registrant receives a recording of that class a day or two after the class took place. The recording is valid for approximately five days.

Tia Politi, Lane ROA President

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