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Rental Owners Association

Lane County

Rental Owners Association (ROA) in Lane County

consists of over 1,200 landlords and property managers with over 20,000 rental units!

Landlords and/or Business Owners

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Working on Your TAXES???

94.5% of your 2022
ROA Regular Membership Dues
ARE Tax Deductible!

A portion of your ROA 'Regular' Membership Dues
are sent to ORHA to support Lobbying on YOUR behalf
through the Oregon Rental Housing Association (ORHA)

MAXIMUM Allowable rent incr​ease percentage for the 2023 calendar year is 14.6%
(7% + CPI of 7.6%)

THE ALLOWABLE Oregon Statewide RENT INCREASE for 2023

Issuing your tenant a non-payment of rent form???

This form MUST BE INCLUDED with the non-payment of rent form:

 – ORHA Form T14 –
Abandoned Property Notice – Deceased Sole Tenant
** New Address for the Oregon State Treasury **

There is a new address for the Oregon State Treasury – When dealing with unclaimed property,
you will now direct all abandoned property/deceased sole tenant forms
and unclaimed tenant funds to the new Oregon State Treasury address: 

867 Hawthorne Ave. SE
Salem, OR 97301

This new address will soon be updated on ORHA Form T14 | Abandoned Property Notice – Deceased Sole Tenant.
Please be sure to double check the address on any T14 forms revised prior to April of 2023.

For more details, please view the Oregon State Treasury Website.


Members and Non-members can purchase blank hard copies of ORHA forms
at the Lane ROA office (4217 Main St, Suite E, Springfield, OR)

Members and Non-members can purchase forms ONLINE
at the Forms Store through ORHA at
 ~ then click on the Forms Store tab

ATTENTION:  ORHA has a new numbering system
Please read:  ORHA New Numbers Explained
Note:  Lane ROA Members, your discount code to purchase
online ORHA forms at a discount is always listed on page 4 in each bulletin.

The City of Eugene

Unit Condition Form:

 The Tenant Education Information Form you’re required to distribute can be found at:

 The Rental History Form you’re required to give can be found at:

For more information visit

Find more information about the Renter Protections Process, including Phase II on this webpage:

To be included in the Renter Protection interested parties email list, please email

Phase 1 of Eugene's New Housing Ordinance PASSED
Signed July 13th and went into effect August 13th, 2022
Click on this link to read Phase 1: Phase 1 - City Council Ordinance Passed 7-13-22


A Landlord Provided Cooling Space Initiative from Energy Trust of Oregon:

NEWS ALERT from Energy Trust of Oregon.pdf

A Message from Tia Politi, your Lane ROA President: May 2023

Hard to believe, but the end of May marks 10 years since our Office Manager, Terie’ Stephenson began working for Lane ROA! In that time, our membership has grown significantly and under her management we continue to be the largest chapter of the Oregon Rental Housing Association in the state. On behalf of the Board of Directors we want to express our admiration, appreciation, and approbation to Terie’ for her dedication, enthusiasm, and incredible work ethic. Please take a moment to reach out to her to let her know how much you appreciate her too
As those of you who own and run businesses know, we are nothing without our dedicated staff. Join us at the June General Meeting for cake to celebrate!  

I’ve had a few calls lately from Eugene landlords who were unaware of the Eugene Police Department’s Landlord Notification Program. If you are a Eugene landlord you should sign up today! If the police are ever called to your rental unit, you will receive an email notification about the nature of the visit. Contact Harlow Meno at 541-682-5642 to get started.

Please continue to let your Eugene Mayor and City Councilors know that their plans to restrict landlord rights will only result in more pain to renters as landlords sell off or increase rents to cover the increased costs of doing business in the city:

Remember that the rules for termination of tenancy for nonpayment of rent have changed significantly. Read board attorney Brian Cox’s rundown of the new rules and their impact on you on page 20 and on the ROA website. The office has the new forms, and you can download the required notification form on the website, at the Oregon Rental Housing Association website and at the Forms Store.

“Rent” includes EVERYTHING the tenant owes you except for damage to the premises, so the notification must also be included when you terminate a tenancy for cause for unpaid charges. It’s complicated. Get help if you need it.

MAY Day, MAY Day! Register today for some of the best webinar workshops coming your way: May 10th and 11th is Best Practices for Landlords, May 17th & 18th, is Tenant Screening, then on the 24th & 25th, the final May class is The Move-in Process. Workshops run from 11am-1pm. In person classes run on Wednesdays and the webinar of that same class run the next day, on Thursday. Each registrant receives a complimentary recording link of that class a day or two after the class takes place – this recording is complementary and valid for viewing for five days. Register online at  See page 5 for additional information.

Don’t forget to check out to purchase RECORDINGS of workshops or general meetings!  If you’ve missed some of the webinars or meetings offered by ROA, here’s your chance to view them at your leisure and brush up on what you need to know as a landlord or property manager!


A Message from Tia Politi, your Lane ROA President: April 2023

   Hey members, the ROA office is looking for a mid to full size fridge, if anyone has a working spare you don’t need.  We have a small
   size fridge, but with in-person classes and board dinners at the office, we could really use a bigger one. We could even trade our
   small one! 

   If you haven’t tried an in-person class yet, please do. At this time we can only fit a max of 12 (soon to be 15 when we can  
   afford a large wall mount TV and don’t need a projector anymore). It’s a nice small group class that includes lunch. We’ve
   gotten great feedback so far from attendees, so try it out!

Remember, if you aren’t able to attend regularly scheduled classes or you miss, one, you may purchase videos of any class through the office or on the website – You can relax and watch the presentation at your own pace.

Tax deadlines are coming this month. Remember that due to the lobbying function provided by the Oregon Rental Housing Association, not all your membership dues are tax deductible. Regular members can write off 94.5% of their annual membership dues. Industry Associate members are categorized differently, and their dues do not support lobbying, so their memberships are fully tax deductible.

We’re in the thick of the long legislative session, and things should begin to happen quickly. You must stay alert when we send out an eblast or you get one from the ORHA legislative team. Forms and requirements could change immediately upon the Governor’s signature (because every piece of legislation these days is an “emergency” they can’t possibly give us any time to adapt). Don’t take action without knowing for sure where you stand.  Call the Helpline if you have any questions. It’s heartbreaking to have members call after they have made a costly mistake.

April showers bring educational hours! The class line-up in April includes the last session of my Webinar Boot Camp class (Session 4) on Wed., April 5th.  In the following weeks, I hope to see you register for the Small Claims Process on April 12th & 13th, Trial Prep 101 on April 19th & 20th, and the Advanced Reasonable Accommodations class on April 26th & 27th.  On Wednesday, I teach the in-person class with a hearty lunch from Sharky’s Pub, and I teach the same class the very next day as a live webinar, where you can ask me questions through the Chat Room.  I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Happy Spring!


READ: Proposed Protections and Landlord Requirements:

 Eugene Implementation

Find out who your legislator is and write to them!

Senate Bill 891 - Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Program (OERAP)
OR Emergency Rental Assist Fund FAQs_SB891_OERAP


Eugene City Council is Considering Renter Protections That Will Harm Landlords.

The Council is asking for input, and you must speak up to protect your rights.

Here are the Proposed Renter Protections…

Application Stage:

A-1. Ban application & screening fees.

A-2. Process applications in the order received (first-come, first-served).

A-3. Prohibit landlords from: a) including medical or education debt when evaluating an applicant's income vs expense or b) using a
        mandatory credit score of above 500.

A-4. Loosen minimum monthly gross income screening standards.

A-5. Require landlords who have units designed for mobility access to give priority for a 3-day period to applicants who have a mobility
        need for that particular unit.

Move In/Move Out Stage:

M-1. Require landlords to distribute, together with any written rental agreement, an educational
        document describing Senate Bill 608 with
regard to terminations.

M-2. Limit landlords to charging deposit (combination of security, cleaning, & last month deposits)
        with a max of 2 times the monthly rent, not including pet deposit.

M-3. Require landlords to itemize and photo document property condition at move-in that contains photos and age or condition of
         major items that are known to landlord. At move-out, require landlords to itemize and photo document withholdings from
         security deposit.

M-4. Require landlord, at tenant’s written request, provide rental history (payment of rent) for tenant who has not given notice. One
         free rental history per tenant per year.

Funding/Support Services

Increase the Rental Housing Code door tax (currently $10/door) to fund a rental housing navigator position, a tenant hotline, and other tenant support services.

Displacement Prevention /Relocation Assistance
Requires financial support by landlords who issue a valid notice for no-cause eviction, or an extreme rent increase resulting in eviction.

three Things You Can Do:
Join this Facebook Group: Eugene.Rental.Owners

Write emails to the Council at:

Speak at City Council Meetings
— 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month at 7:15 p.m.


 For More Info, Contact Kathryn Dunn, at 541-517-5878

Rental Owners Association
4217 Main St Unit E
Springfield OR 97478

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